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Australia's climate is ideal for growing perfect grapes - sweet, full coloured and good size. Early production commences in November from the northern States but by far the largest production region is along the Murray River in Victoria and NSW.

Grape Produce Table

Australia produces the world's juiciest and best tasting citrus. In fact citrus is Australia's largest horticultural export item. Citrus fruits are grown in most states starting with mandarins from Queensland then moving down to NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Citrus Fruits Produce Table

Australia has a well earned reputation for producing the world's tastiest pears. Australia's premier growing region of the Goulburn Valley produces the vast majority of pears.

Pears Produce Table

Australia produces some of the worlds best apples. With multiple growing regions across Australia there is staggered supply for most of the year.

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Stone Fruit

Stone Fruit lines have emerged as one of Australia's strongest growing areas of horticulture.With Australia's varied climate cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots are grown under perfect conditions in many different growing regions.

Stone fruits and Cherries Produce Table
Other Fruit & Vegetables

Australia is a vast continent and as such produces a vast array of fruits and vegetables.

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